Shaun T’s New Workout!

How Focus T25™ Works

When you’re doing FOCUS T25, every second counts. You’ll focus on one muscle group at a time, sequencing from move to move without any rest. Start with your glutes. Just when you can’t do another rep, you move on to your core. When those muscles are toast, it’s time for biceps. Then quads, lower abs, back, obliques, triceps.

Why FOCUS T25 Works

  • Works for Anyone, at Any Adult Age or Fitness Level
  • Saves Time – Get Done in 25 Minutes a Day
  • Saves Money – You Won’t Need a Gym Membership
  • Gets Real Results – FAST – Right In Your Living Room
  • 30-Day, No Excuses Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
  • Plus FREE Bonus Tools & Gifts When You Order Today

25 Minutes is All It Takes

  • Get ripped abs
  • Lose the baby weight
  • Feel better, look better, FAST

What You Get In Focus T25

No BS. Just results. Plus everything you need to Get It Done in 25 minutes a day…

With FOCUS T25, you get in, hit it hard, and Get It Done. You’re doing high-intensity cardio, strength training and core training. All in just 25 minutes. With zero rest. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to start your transformation right away.


Buy Eggies Now!


Eggies are the perfect way to get the perfect boiled egg. No peeling, no messes, no hard work, just a hard-boiled egg! All you have to do is crack em, pour em, boil em, twist em, then enjoy em! Eggies make boiled eggs easy and simple because its specially designed like a shell to boil [...]

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Buy the Justice Coin!

Justice Coin

“Justice has been done.” The nation has savored the taste of justice and it is now commemorated in this historic Justice Coin. The tragic events of September 11th, 2001 will live in our minds forever, but we can now pay tribute to the bravery of our soldiers who brought down the ones that were responsible. [...]

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Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh is the magical screen door that instantly opens and closes without a hassle or any effort! Magic Mesh is designed with 18 powerful magnets that automatically snap back, allowing the fresh air in and keeping those pesky bugs out. Magic Mesh is perfect when you have your hands or full, or if you [...]

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Get Paint Zoom!

Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

Introducing the Paint Zoom. Are you sick and tired of rollers, brushes, and giant messes when you paint? Well, now with the Paint Zoom paint sprayer it will do all the work for you, in half the time, half the paint, and NO cleanup! The Paint Zoom paint sprayer is the incredible professional painting machine [...]

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Buy Happy Nappers!

Happy Napper

Happy Napper is the ultimate magical play pal that transforms from comfy pillow to fun plush pet!  The Happy Napper easily reverses from a pillow to a play toy in an instant; just ring the sleepy sound doorbell and surprise!  The magic is in the pillow, unzip ‘em, pop ‘em, sqeeze ‘em and love ‘em!  [...]

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Buy Garden Groom!

Garden Groom

Garden Groom is the most Amazing and the most powerful hedge trimmer that combines 3-in-1 action. Are you ready to take the hard work out of yard work? The “goof-proof” Garden Groom cuts, shreds AND collects for faster, easier trimming with absolutely no mess!  Garden Groom is the world’s ONLY range of collecting hedge trimmers [...]

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Buy P90X!


p90X will put you in the best shape of your life with its P90X home fitness training system. Imagine going from flab to fab in just 90 days with this detailed, precise, heart-pumping workout program. P90X is made up of 12 incredible muscle-defining DVDs, 3 phase nutrition program, an extensive fitness guide, progress tracking calendar, and online [...]

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Jupiter Jack

Jupiter Jack

Jupiter Jack is this new cell phone accessory which turns your car into a wireless speaker system while allowing you to safely talk on your phone and drive at the same time. Jupiter Jack is the most convenient hands free device for any cell phone. Here’s how it works: simply plug the Jupiter jack into [...]

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Buy Riddex Plus!

Riddex Plus

Roaches, rats, and mice don’t stand a chance against Riddex Plus, the non-toxic digital pest repeller. Riddex Plus creates an adverse environment for rodents and bugs, by use of patented digital pulse technology powered by a Freescale Microprocessor. Riddex Plus can be placed behind walls, underneath floors, above ceilings, in attics, closets, cabinets, anywhere those [...]

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Buy a Snuggie!


You know you have seen ‘em…now you know you must have one, the Snuggie! The wearable super warm blanket that lets you wrap yourself in luxuriously soft fleece and have the freedom to use your hands. Don’t you hate it when you are so cold and cover yourself in a blanket but can’t do anything [...]

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Here we will List all the TV offers that you can see online – We will list them one by one and a review of what we think will be the best value and what type of deals you can find online.

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