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Eggies are the perfect way to get the perfect boiled egg. No peeling, no messes, no hard work, just a hard-boiled egg! All you have to do is crack em, pour em, boil em, twist em, then enjoy em! Eggies make boiled eggs easy and simple because its specially designed like a shell to boil them to perfection, and then the egg slides right out. You can make egg salad, deviled eggs, healthy egg whites, with no effort. Kids love Eggies, parents love Eggies because it makes boiling eggs fun to cook and fun to eat. With Eggies, you can even add spices and special ingredients before you boil them, making them extra delicious. We all know eggs are good for you, now theres a way to make them in no time at all. Peeling can take forever, with Eggies, you can empty 6 Eggies in less than 30 seconds!

You can receive 6 Eggies for only $10 (plus P&H) and for placing your order, we will give you a FREE bonus of 2 egg slicers! Not only will you have the perfect boiled egg, but the perfect sliced egg too! For a limited time, we will also throw in a second set of Eggies for free (plus P&H), thats a $60 value for only $10!

No more peeling those annoying eggshells ever again! Just crack your egg, pour into the Eggie shell, boil, twist, and go! Eggies make eating eggs fun again. Now get cracking with your new Eggies today! Click Here to Try it out now

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