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Garden Groom

Garden Groom is the most Amazing and the most powerful hedge trimmer that combines 3-in-1 action. Are you ready to take the hard work out of yard work? The “goof-proof” Garden Groom cuts, shreds AND collects for faster, easier trimming with absolutely no mess!  Garden Groom is the world’s ONLY range of collecting hedge trimmers that makes sure all your landscapes needs are meet with one incredible tool! No more need to waste thousands of dollars on landscapers or bending, hauling and raking yourself, now you can have that perfect yard without all the effort with the Garden Groom!
The Garden Grooms dual edge stainless steel blade along with the 300 watt motor cuts your hedges and bushes at a rate of 57,000 times in a minute and reduces clippings to 1/10thof its size. The Garden Groom is equipped with special vacuum vortex that actually collects all the trimmings into an attached self-collecting storage bin that can then be easily emptied and used as mulch or discarded right into the trash.

Because the Garden Groom is lightweight, easy, and safe, it is great for women and seniors. The Garden Groom is designed with your safety in mind and is equipped with a concealed blade and makes it near impossible to cut the power cord. The Garden Groom also provides a dual handle for unwanted start-up or shut-off.

The Garden Groom can be YOURS for 3 easy payments of $33 (plus S&P), and its valued at over $200! Of course, the Garden Groom self-collecting electric hedge trimmer is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. With the Garden Groom you will also receive 2 amazing bonuses valued at over $80! You will receive a set of tools, including a weed claw to remove those stubborn weeds and a tilling tool for cultivating, digging, and planting! With the Garden Groom you will also receive the Mega Bag, which is a high yielding attachment to hold an entire yards clippings.

If you are ready to have the yard of your dreams, the virtually indestructible and powerful Garden Groom self-collecting hedge trimmer is ready to do all the work for you! Get in NOW

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