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Riddex Plus

Roaches, rats, and mice don’t stand a chance against Riddex Plus, the non-toxic digital pest repeller. Riddex Plus creates an adverse environment for rodents and bugs, by use of patented digital pulse technology powered by a Freescale Microprocessor. Riddex Plus can be placed behind walls, underneath floors, above ceilings, in attics, closets, cabinets, anywhere those intruders may hide, live and reproduce. You will never again have to worry about fumes, toxins, poisons, and dead creatures in your home and around your children and pets. Riddex Plus will save you from spending hundreds of dollars with extermination companies and does not kill any pests, just chases them out of your home and prevents any future creatures from entering.

Riddex Plus is an amazing deal for $29.95 for 1 digital device, but for a limited time, you will receive a bonus Riddex Plus for free (plus $8.95 S&H), with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Riddex Plus also comes with a 90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty. Be assured that Riddex Plus has gone through extensive laboratory tests to ensure quality and safety. Each plug-in device is efficient to cover 1 level of your home, condo or apartment and keep those buggers out for good. No need to replace, refill or reinstall; just imagine how safe your home will be and how much money you will save with Riddex Plus.

No toxins, no fumes, no harsh chemicals, no poisonous sprays, no exterminators, no hassle. Plus, like many other traps and poisons that attract vermin, this product discourages their presence. Your children, pets, food and electronics are safe with Riddex Plus, and don’t worry as this is a cruelty-free product, it just deters those pests from your home. Rodents and Roaches will run as soon as you plug-in the Riddex Plus, which also has a built in nightlight and led indicator for your benefit.

Riddex Plus works by sending digital pulses through the wiring in your walls so it even gets to those dark, hard to reach places where those critters love to hide! No more fears as this product doesn’t wear out, die out or deteriorate, Riddex Plus works 24 hours a day and never stops working to rid your home of any critter. Riddex Plus is so easy and simple to use that you will see why this Pest Control device is already in millions of homes keeping them pest free. Get the Riddex Now.

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