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You know you have seen ‘em…now you know you must have one, the Snuggie! The wearable super warm blanket that lets you wrap yourself in luxuriously soft fleece and have the freedom to use your hands. Don’t you hate it when you are so cold and cover yourself in a blanket but can’t do anything with your hands? The Snuggie is the “blanket with sleeves” which allows you to move your arms and hand freely so you can read a book, use a remote, work on a laptop, move about, do practically anything in the comfort of an incredibly warm, extremely soft Snuggie!

The most popular wearable blanket can now be yours at the low price of $19.95 (plus $8.95 P&H) and get a free portable super slim book light AND right now you can get another set for free (plus another $8.95 P&H)! Of course, if you are not completely satisfied in 30 days, we will refund no money, no questions asked! The Snuggie comes in the gorgeous colors of burgundy, royal blue, or sage green and is one size fits all. The Snuggie is perfect for all shapes and sizes as it is oversized and will fit men, women and children. The Snuggie is machine washable for years and years of warmth and wear. So, no more cold feet, turning up that thermostat, or high heating bills, the Snuggie is the perfect solution for those cold nights and cold feet!

The Snuggie is so versatile, you can just throw in the car, take it with you to outdoor sporting events, camping, boating, picnics, you name it! The Snuggie also makes a fun gift, think about the smile on their faces when they open up a present to find the super soft and roomy Snuggie! The Snuggie is a great way to bring families together because it’s so universal and is perfect for anyone looking for warmth and comfort with the freedom to use their hands!

Snuggies are the ultimate in comfort and convenience; an incredibly cozy fleece blanket that allows you to move your arms and hands freely and stay totally warm! Act now as you can get 2 Snuggies for the price of one. Plus, the sleek, portable book light makes a great companion for when you are snuggled up in your Snuggie and reading a book. Snuggies are the smartest way to keep warm this winter, so don’t be without yours! Check out the Snuggie.

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